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The Center is in the process of becoming an independent non-profit, separate from our founding organization, Community Health Action of Staten Island. Staff, advisory board members, and consultants have begun a strategic planning process to evaluate and plan the Center's goals and objectives for independence. If you are interested in learning more about this process or to help with a community meeting, please contact Ralph W. Vogel, Executive Director, at 718.808.1351.

The Staten Island LGBT Community Center is currently an initiative of Community Health Action of Staten Island (CHASI), an agency with a long track record of service to the Island's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The Center provides LGBT individuals and their families with direct access to local services and activities promoting their overall physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The Staten Island LGBT Community Center is here because of generous support from funders and donors, large and small. Every grant, contract and donation brings us a little closer to a more inclusive and just Staten Island with services and a place for everyone.


Center Contact Info

Front Desk and Information Line: 718.808.1360


 The Center receives funding to provide services and programs from: 

  •    The New York State Department of Health
  •    H. van Ameringen Foundation
  •    The New York Community Trust New York City AIDS Fund
  •    The New York Foundation
  •    The Paul Rapoport Foundation
  •    David Bohnett Foundation

 In its first year of operation, the Center received generous donations from community supporters through our “There’s No Place Like Home” campaign to kick start the Center’s beginnings.

Founder’s Circle Donors          Benefactors

John Adrian & Rafael Perez                              Teri Russo

Raymond Carr & Jim McKernan                           Tottenville High School GSA, 2007

Claudette Duff

Anthony Lodico & John Cuffe

The former Lambda Associates of Staten Island

Gerard Mawn & Angel Figueroa

Wayne Steinman & Sal Iacullo

Jim Smith

Tom Smith

Diane Sorowitz & Loretta Choquet

Ralph Vogel


           Friend of the Center

Jim Curty                                                         James Laub

Maureen Curran & Michael Stein                              Denise Tessalone

Janet Gallo & Susan Hazelrig                                   Genevieve Giles

Cheryl Williamson                                                   Elizabeth Moreno

Diane Stuart                                                         Frank Pagnotti

Terry Troia                                                           Lorraine Woltman

Arnold Kantrowitz                                                 Daniel Buttacovale

Jeri Morgan                                                          The Canistraci Family

Lucille Friscia                                                        Lucille Donadio

David Murphy                                                       Vickie Fossella & Maggie Scarsella


25 Victory Blvd., 3rd. Floor

Staten Island, NY  10301

718.808.1360      Fax: 718.808.1397

Hours: Monday – Friday,  1:00pm -  9:00pm, Saturdays 2:30 - 9:00pm

By appointment:  Monday - Friday, 9 am - 1 pm

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