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Alcohol & Sexual Health Video


Partnership for Healthier Staten Island and the Staten Island LGBT Community Center worked together to host intergenerational workshops and meetings to address the problems of alcohol abuse among LGBTQ New Yorkers. The video created through this collaborative project will be shared with other groups on the Island to raise awareness about the impact of alcohol use on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and our communities.



From our Partners: Community Health Action of Staten Island works with the Staten Island Smoke-Free Partnership and NYC Coalition for a Smoke-Free City

Please check out the webpage of our partner, the NYC Coalition for a Smoke Free City, at There, you’ll find terrific information about the Coaltion’s efforts to reduce tobacco marketing that targets youth, efforts to increase the number of smoke-free spaces and smoke-free housing in NYC, and more!

Since 2011, Community Health Action has been working alongside The Staten Island Smoke-Free Partnership and NYC Coalition for a Smoke-Free City in tackling the largest cause of preventable death in the United States and worldwide:  tobacco use. The facts about tobacco use make this an imperative cause for CHASI. Over 90% of adult smokers start the habit in adolescence; almost two of every three Staten Islanders smokers are heavy smokers (smoking 11 or more cigarettes a day); one third of heavy smokers will die prematurely due to a direct effect of tobacco use. Because the untimely illnesses and death due to smoking are 100% preventable, CHASI has made it a priority to do whatever possible to stop kids from ever trying this deadly product.

We’ve educated and mobilized our networks and community members about the effect that tobacco marketing has on the rate of youth initiation to smoking. Research shows that the less tobacco imagery and marketing kids see, the less chance that they will ever smoke. With tobacco being sold almost everywhere on Staten Island—and marketed and targeted toward youth very visibly--we have seen the impact of youth-oriented marketing campaigns. Staten Island currently has the highest youth and adult rate of smoking in New York City’s five boroughs, and the highest rates of asthma and lung cancer.  

Going forward, CHASI will continue to tackle the epidemic of smoking and work toward a smoke-free future, with improved health for Staten Islanders.



Staten Island Smoke-Free Partnership

Community Health Action of Staten Island is a member of the Staten Island Smoke-Free Partnership, a health advocacy group that increases awareness of tobacco control issues in the borough of Staten Island among community members and policy makers. 

CHASI locations offer NRT patches at most locations during office hours - call Aishah Manuel at The P.L.A.C.E. for more information at 718.808.1311.





Center Hosts Kick Butts Event, What are YOU smoking? 

The Staten Island LGBT Community Center held its Kick Butts Day event, What are YOU Smoking? on Thursday, March 22, 2012, although the official Kick Butts Day was Wednesday, March 21st. Erica Santiago, the LGBT Health Educator, and Barbara P. Sullivan, Manager of Information, Referral & Special Projects, worked together to plan an event that would be interactive and fun. Barbara baked Devil’s food mini-cupcakes and iced them with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles. (See photo.) Erica found a video clip on what’s in a cigarette (everything from rat poison to hair remover to hydrogen cyanide to nail polish remover), and we played it and talked about the different substances found in cigarettes and/or cigarette smoke. Erica also found some tobacco trivia questions that we asked participants to answer; a correct answer earned them their choice of prizes from a batch of give-aways courtesy of the Staten Island Smoke-Free Partnership. For example:

How many years of life does the average cigarette smoker lose?

Would you be surprised to learn that it’s 13 to 15 years?

What is the average age that kids try their first cigarette?

Did you guess 12 years old? That’s the answer.

How much money do tobacco companies spend on advertising in a year?

It’s $15 billion!

Smoking a cigar is equivalent to smoking how many cigarettes?

The answer is 10. Each cigar equals 10 cigarettes.


During and after the trivia game, the young people learned about the U.S. Surgeon General’s report on preventing tobacco use in youth and young adults, and the way tobacco companies target youth with point-of-sale advertising, placement in films and videos, colorful packaging and flavorful additions to cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco products – all aimed at turning them into replacement smokers for the one in three smokers who die from smoking. On Staten Island, they learned, there are 46,000 smokers – 2,000 of them high school students. We have the highest smoking rates of all the boroughs – and the rates among our LGBT population are even higher!


To learn more about these issues, contact Barbara at 718.808.1364 or She can help you to quit if you’re a smoker. But it’s better if you never even start!