Dear Friends,

The Staten Island LGBT Community Center is becoming the Pride Center of Staten Island. 

The Center exists to serve the community and to amplify the voices and visibility of Staten Island's LGBT people. Over the next few months, you can expect to see the designs and content on this website and in the Center change as we spin off programs and services as part of transition into the new, independent Pride Center. 

The Center will continue to be a home for Staten Island's LGBTQ communities. The Center is a safe and welcoming place that offers comprehensive resources and access to services for people in need. Support groups, arts programming, Pride events, and social activities will all continue to bring people together and celebrate our lives and shared experiences. 

Identity matters. Join the Center in preparing for our shared future and opportunity by attending community meetings, sharing your feedback, volunteering, and participating in social events and clubs. 

The Pride Center now exists as a not for profit agency and will gratefully accept your donations, including grants and foundations that support new and small non-profits. If you are interested in joining the founder's group, or for more information about what this transition means for you and for Staten Island, please reach out to Ralph W. Vogel, Executive Director of the Pride Center of Staten Island, at 718.808.1351. We will be posting updates and more information on this site over the next few months, so stay tuned. 

See you soon.